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I really love this game, especially the writing, the banter was incredibly witty, and the way they came to fall for each other was so sweet, I wanna find my own Yin Le Hao

Hello there! I haven't completed the game as of this moment but I wanted to share my experiences so far playing it. I made a Youtube video recording my time with it and it was a blast! I really enjoyed the two main characters so far as their chemistrytogether is quite interesting to watch unfold. I'll definitely be finishing the game on my own time but I hope you enjoy watching my experience with it. Thanks for the wonderful game and I hope you continue to develop games!

Wow, thanks very much for the Let's Play! I just watched the whole thing and really enjoyed it. Your energy and voice acting was super fun to listen to. I hope you enjoy the rest of the game as well (sorry the credits button was so small). :)

I'll add your video to the a2 playlist on our YouTube channel, if that's okay? Thanks again for sharing it with us!

Thank you! That sounds fine, thanks for putting my video in your playlist! :)

Hello! How long is this game? :)

Hi, Pinkerator! I'd say it's about two or three hours long, depending on how fast you read.

Cool! How to contact you by email about it? :) I think I got an interesting offer for you!

You can use the email at the end of the game description above. :)