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~A sweet visual novel about music, language, and maybe even love~

It's been years since rocker girl Sona Song last talked to her father, a famous classical music conductor. So she's shocked, and a bit annoyed, when he leaves his orchestra to her after he dies. Though Sona just wants to slack off, she's soon visited by Yin Le Hao, her father's musical protégé from China. Hao doesn't speak any English, but he's determined to whip the orchestra into shape no matter what.

~About the Game~

a2 ~a due~ is a visual novel with romantic comedy and otome game influences. It includes lots of bonus features, including a music/Chinese glossary and a special "translation mode" for all Chinese dialogue (unlocked after reaching all 3 endings or 90% completion).

Features include: 

  • ~30,000 words
  • 4 languages (English, German,  Russian, and Brazilian Portuguese)
  • 3 endings (Love, Friendship, and ???)
  • 9 CGs and chibi arts
  • theme song by the talented Gerald Ko
  • lots of extras (music and Chinese glossary, bonus chapter, music box, etc.)
  • unlockable "translation mode" for all Chinese dialogue (walkthrough here)
  • mobile version available on Google Play

  • ~About the Music Album~

    The "We Are Legend" music album contains four versions of the a2 ~a due~ theme song (mp3 files): a vocal version by Gerald Ko, the orchestral and piano versions that appear in the game, and a bonus guitar version.


    You can check out reviews of a2, or send us one of your own, at Lemmasoft Forums and Google Play.

    For our latest games and updates, visit our Tumblr. You can also contact us at navigame.media@gmail.com.

    PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
    Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
    (106 total ratings)
    GenreVisual Novel
    Made withAdobe Photoshop, Ren'Py
    Tagsamare, Anime, Dating Sim, Female Protagonist, Music, Otome, Ren'Py, Romance
    Average sessionA few hours
    LanguagesGerman, English, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian
    InputsKeyboard, Mouse
    LinksHomepage, Lemmasoft


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    Version 2.0
    a2 ~a due~ (Linux) 143 MB
    Version 2.0
    a2 ~We Are Legend~ music album.zip 26 MB

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    this game is fabulous. i loved the characters, the endings and the artstyle (that is one of my favorites! being honest i clicked on the game cuz i loved the artstyle!) i reallyreallyreaaallly loved Sona and Hao. (he's just my type tbh)


    yo that's junkerqueen on the cover art

    This game is a GEM. Every ending was fantastic.

    Unlocking the translation makes me love Hao even more, and appreciate Hao and Sona's shenanigans with each other even more! 

    I really recommend giving this game a shot!

    I love this with all my heart 💕 The plot is developed in such a refreshing way! Both the friendship and love endings got me thinking about it for days... 

    Music really is something capable of overcoming huge barriers that separate people =) Bravo, bravissimo! 

    I always have been a fan of classical music,so i can just say i loved this game.The romance ending was so cute,and when thought it was missing something,i saw the extra chapter and at least got a bit of ease.The main song(we are legends) is also memorable,i could hear it all day lol.Thank you for the wonderfull game.


    Still remember when I first played this 4 years ago and how much I enjoyed every moment of it, thank you for making a game that contributed to some of the happiest moments of my life.

    Haven't played much yet but seeing the comments...certainly convenient to play as a Chinese XD, yeah, native here. (So plz forgive my poor English) But I can relate as I know how hard Chinese can be for foreigners lol. I love the themes of the story and the language barrier sure is fun to read. The story really feels natural and real,  with the plot and the way the characters act. Good job devs :)

    (PS: There's one thing though. If Hao's name is supposed to mean 'good music' in Chinese, it should be written as Hao Yin 'Yue' and not 'Le',  ‘乐' (in simplified Chinese, or '樂’ in traditional Chinese) is a character which is pronounced differently when having different meanings. If it isn't what you meant, please don't mind me. Also, '完整無缺地玩出至少一頁‘ is a typo...? '玩' means play(have fun), and playing an instrument should be '演奏'.)

    I just finished the game 100% and I loved it so much! I remember years ago seeing it at Lemmasoft but could never get it to run for some reason haha. Oh well, better late than never!

    I absolutely LOVED IT. The game is charming, full of lots of laughs, a touch of angst, and even sweet, tender moments. I really loved seeing Hao and Sona clash, but overtime, come to understand each other. It was also brilliant having Hao's dialogue literally in Chinese so we feel just like Sona, not knowing what he is saying! Being able to enable English translation after getting all 3 endings is a worth-while reward too! I do wish we could have a pinyin translator too so I could properly imagine Hao speaking in Chinese mode though lol.

    I also just really loved the message of doing things you love, not losing your love for them. It just really hit.

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    Wow just wow, I like the development of each character plus the ??? ending, just dang lol, play it y'all to figure it out. Right now I'm just crying in the middle of the night to the orchestral version of the theme song, it's just really beautiful (Download the music album y'all). Plus I really like where you can't translate what Hao's saying until you get the 3 endings, because it really feels like you're in Sona's shoes and not just some reader who knows everything (unless you know Chinese).

    Oh man, everything about this is just so amazing. I love the language barrier, it's such an aspect of the game that is just so interesting!! The art and music is also really good!! 


    I miss playing this visual novel games so much (;﹏;) it was really good amazing good job to the creators of this game.  Of course i gonna download this game again cuz i remember i'm not brave enough to see the ??? ending so i only go with friendship and love ending lmao


    I really liked this game. My Chinese is marginally better than Sona's so it was really fun to try and pick out what Hao was saying (I mostly failed). I did notice that the background image when Hao is leaving was a Chinese airport that I think I've been to before (I forgot which one though?). Which doesn't actually make sense since he's leaving for China! But I thought it was funny. 

    (5 edits)

    This one is an amazing, amazing story.i played it years ago and it remains one of my top favourite games for storytelling.  Storytelling doesn't get any better than this, really...this is a great visual novel not fanservice ridden otome and the writing is top notch.  I love love Sona and Hao. Great storytelling, you developed the theme of finding commong languae so beautifully. I look forward to your new project but just know...sona and Hao are my undying, neverending otp,, there is great character development and depth to this...and the story is sooo memorable! it's always on my mind! i loved EVERYTHING about this. it's awesome! Navigame, I'm sending you lots of love. I really hope to like your new game. 


    Lots of love to you as well! <3 It's a honor to know that a2 is one of your favorite games. We definitely wanted the story to be strong since the setting and number of characters was limited, so I'm very happy to hear that it worked out. :)

    Thanks also for your encouragement on our new game - we hope you'll enjoy The Pirate Mermaid too once it's released!


    Devs, I don't know if you're still reading these comments, but thank you so much for creating this game! I played through the entire game and all its endings in one spurt, and (particularly as a musician/music-lover and Asian myself) I was so deeply moved by the story and by how much music was woven in. It was beautiful how both the Chinese and the music were used to illustrate the themes of finding a common language and belonging. I loved Sona's violence, Hao's seriousness, the orchestra, and their adorable doodles. The ONLY nitpick I might have is that I wish we got a longer bonus epilogue with the lovers, perhaps with a real kiss?! 

    Yes, we do still read everyone's comments! Though sometimes we do not have time to reply right away - our apologies for the delay! - we appreciate everyone who takes the time to stop by and share their thoughts on our work. It makes us especially happy to know that people are still playing a2, since it's an older game. :)

    I'm very glad that you enjoyed the story and themes of a2! We've actually been hoping to do a "remastered" version of the game (maybe after we finish The Pirate Mermaid?) that would have an extended epilogue and other improvements. In the meantime, maybe you'd be interested in checking out this sweet little fanfic that provides more closure on the ending of the game?

    (1 edit) (+1)

    This is one of the best games I've played on here, and I've played through a lot of them. It's truly beautiful. I STRONGLY agree that we need a proper reunion with Hao! However, I also played all routes in Pirate Mermaid and I'm dying to play through the whole game, it quickly became one of my favorites. :) 

    Thank you for your hard work.


    I really love this game, especially the writing, the banter was incredibly witty, and the way they came to fall for each other was so sweet, I wanna find my own Yin Le Hao

    So sorry for this incredibly late reply (I must've missed your comment before D:), but I'm really happy to hear you liked a2! We definitely wanted the relationship between Sona and Hao to shine since it was the focus on the game, so I'm glad that you enjoyed it too. :D

    Hello there! I haven't completed the game as of this moment but I wanted to share my experiences so far playing it. I made a Youtube video recording my time with it and it was a blast! I really enjoyed the two main characters so far as their chemistrytogether is quite interesting to watch unfold. I'll definitely be finishing the game on my own time but I hope you enjoy watching my experience with it. Thanks for the wonderful game and I hope you continue to develop games!

    Wow, thanks very much for the Let's Play! I just watched the whole thing and really enjoyed it. Your energy and voice acting was super fun to listen to. I hope you enjoy the rest of the game as well (sorry the credits button was so small). :)

    I'll add your video to the a2 playlist on our YouTube channel, if that's okay? Thanks again for sharing it with us!

    Thank you! That sounds fine, thanks for putting my video in your playlist! :)

    Hello! How long is this game? :)

    Hi, Pinkerator! I'd say it's about two or three hours long, depending on how fast you read.

    Cool! How to contact you by email about it? :) I think I got an interesting offer for you!

    You can use the email at the end of the game description above. :)